Pathways to Opportunities

The Inter-Tribal Task Force (ITTF) and the Tribal Labor Advisory Committee (TLAC)  are working together to provide a listing of Contracting and Employment Opportunities for our Native American workforce and Native American owned businesses.

Our goal is to have an easily accessible and comprehensive listing of Tribal contracting and employment opportunities throughout Wisconsin Indian Country, and to reach every Tribal employee who seeks services.

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Economic Impact:

Total Economic Impact $1,096,720,367

Total Government and Enterprise Payroll $380,382,986

15,149 Jobs

Total Purchases of Goods and Services $545,243,903

The Tribes in Wisconsin are proud to be part of such a great state and it's many partnerships. We have taken great strides to invest in our state and ourselves.

In 2013, our total economic impact was $1,096,720,367 - an impressive figure that honors our ancestors, our people, and the people of Wisconsin.

Our traditional beliefs call us to extend a helping hand to those around us. We believe no obstacle is too great and no dream is too small.

(Source:  Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council, Inc. Community Investment Report 2014)