FTA Revised Fiscal Year 2019 Apportionment Tables

On March 15, FTA re-posted two revised Fiscal Year 2019 Apportionment tables: Table 3 (5307 Formula Program), with minor adjustments to the apportionments, and Table 3a (Operator Assistance Special Rule Operator Caps). The tables can be found on FTA’s current apportionments page.

The apportionments, referenced in 18 tables, reflect approximately $10.2 billion in funds appropriated by Congress for public transportation formula programs pursuant to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019.

These online tables are meant for informational purposes to assist grantees as they develop their grant applications for FY 2019 formula funds. Recipients can prepare and submit their grants in TrAMS for FTA review at this time. Funds will be loaded in TrAMS to obligate grants later in the spring.

Current Apportionments page