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Native American DBE Webinars

The WisDOT Inter-Tribal Task Force (ITTF), the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation have created a series of webinars to learn more about becoming a NADBE.

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View the WisDOT Native American DBE Directory

The WisDOT Inter-Tribal Task Force (ITTF) sponsored Wisconsin Native American Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (NADBE) Directory.

This WisDOT NADBE Directory has been designed as a user-friendly, web search tool to locate, learn about the capabilities of and communicate with NADBEs certified in the State of Wisconsin. Users include Tribal contract and procurement managers, prime contractors and others seeking bids and quotes from qualified NADBE firms.

Search functions and features of this directory including:

  • Mapped NADBE locator icons by WisDOT regions
  • Quick links to NADBEs’ certified work types, service areas, Tribal affiliations, contact information, business websites
  • Printable Capability Statement, among others.

If you have questions, or if you are a NADBE business certified in Wisconsin not yet in the Directory, please email Agnes Fleming, ITTF Coordinator, or call 715-558-7750.

Thank you for using the WisDOT NADBE Directory!

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

WisDOT Highway Construction Contracting Information (HCCI) - Finding Work

WisDOT's process for bidding on highway construction projects is outlined in the State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation, Standard Specifications for Highway and Structure Construction.

  • All bidders of prospective highway construction projects are prequalified by the department to ensure that the bidder has competency and responsibility to perform the work.
  • Bid letting advertisements are posted approximately five weeks prior to the bid letting.
  • Plan holder and eligible bidder listings are posted 10 days prior to the letting date (Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Monday at Noon the day before the letting).
  • Bidders submit a sealed bid for a prospective highway construction project to the department.
  • All highway construction projects have a bid opening. Upon opening and reading the prospective bids, the department posts apparent bids at approximately 9:30 am  on the day of the letting.
  • WisDOT proceeds through a process of awarding and executing the highway construction contract. The award process involves comparison and analysis of the bids in order to look for irregularities and to ensure the eligibility of the bidder.
  • Upon completion of this process the contract is awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.
  • The highway construction contract is then executed by the Governor upon receipt of the contract, the contract bond and all other department-required forms.
  • After each highway bid letting, WisDOT makes awards and publishes the all bids received report for each awarded contract.
  • Reports are available on-line for the current and previous year.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Highway Construction Bid Lettings occur on the second Tuesday of each month.

WisDOT Civil Rights Compliance System – CRCS/Labor/Payroll

WisDOT DBE Support Services - Ready/Willing/Able Capacity Building Support

NADBE - Prime Contractor Working Relationships

WisDOT Tribal Affairs

  • The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Tribal Affairs initiative works exclusively on Tribal relations and all transportation related issues affecting Tribal communities.