Native Labor Resources and Job Opportunities


  • Wisconsin Native Business Directory - This directory has been designed as a user friendly web-based search tool to: locate, learn about the capabilities of, and communicate with businesses certified in the State of Wisconsin - users include Tribal contract and procurement managers, prime contractors and others seeking bids and quotes from qualified Native firms.


  • Wisconsin TrANS Programs - TrANS is a cost-effective program that helps to fulfill entry-level laborer positions for construction contractors. It is a collaborative effort combining the strengths of industry and labor, community-based organizations, government and the contractors of Wisconsin.  This public-private model for collaboration successfully prepares Wisconsin’s untapped workforce with the skills needed to contribute to the transportation construction industry as laborers and apprentices. This untapped workforce that TrANS prepares to enter the construction industry involves those who have been underrepresented historically in the industry, including, but not limited to, women and minorities.