The DBE Webinars

Welcome to the ITTF sponsored introduction to Native American business opportunities with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

There are five sets of webinars that provides critical information, contacts, policy guidance and several Native American firms’ stories on working for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The goal of this presentation is to encourage new Native American firms to begin working in the transportation industry, provide the process and steps required to become a certified DBE firm in Wisconsin and to list the available support resources firms are able to access to find work, compete projects successfully and become valuable members in the transportation industry.

  • Vignette #1 - Concentrates on the information needed to become a certified NADBE.
  • Vignette #2 - Provides an overview of the DBE Program including the purpose and opportunities available.
  • Vignette #3 - Discusses winning WisDOT contracts and working with Prime Contractors.
  • Vignette #4 - Reviews details of being a contractor including Labor Compliance, Special Provisions, Trucking, Payroll, and Getting Paid.
  • Vignette #5 - Discusses ways to grow your NADBE capacity and do more work through available support services.

Webinar #1 - NADBE Certification Eligibility & Process


Webinar #2 - DBE Program: Purpose and Opportunities


Webinar #3 - Prime and Sub-Contractor Relationships


Webinar #4 - Labor Compliance, Special Provisions, Trucking, Payroll and Getting Paid


Webinar #5 - Growing Your NADBE Capacity Through Other Support Services