Past Trainings


A Tribal Real Estate Training was held on April 15, 2015, in Rothschild, WI.

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Welcome and Introductions

Session 1
Introduction to Tribal Lands and Jurisdiction – Representatives from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Tribal Real Estate representatives, and a Professor of Law from UW Madison, presented a brief overview of the various types of Tribal lands and discussed jurisdictional issues that may arise during a construction project.

Session 2
Tribal Land Management Program Overviews – Representatives from Tribal Real Estate Offices and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Great Lakes Agency discuss processes required to facilitate the road projects within their jurisdiction.

Session 3
Overview of BIA proposed changes to real estate and land related regulation –
Representatives from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Great Lakes Agency gave a brief overview of the proposed changes to 25 Code of Federal Regulations 169.

Session 4
WisDOT Real Estate Process – Representatives from WisDOT gave a brief overview and examples of the processes that need to be completed before work can be initiated on road projects.

Session 5
ROW – Utility, Compensability and Cultural Resources Issues – Representatives from WisDOT and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPO) discuss the requirements that need to be met prior to and during road projects.

Session 6
Round Table Discussion Case Studies – Tribal Representatives and WisDOT staff presented examples of road projects that required cooperation from both agency and Tribal staff.