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Here you will find a vast amount of information relating to transportation.

As leaders in the transportation industry for State and Tribes alike, it is important for us to remember that our decisions made today will determine and shape our future generations of tomorrow.

Moving forward, we are striving to shape policy to insure that funding is available to build transportation infrastructure that serves all citizens. Through cooperation, communication, and team work, we ensure this success.  Come join us in paving the way for the future!

Upcoming Trainings:

Law Enforcement - Tall Cop Workshop - The Dynamics of Opioids

Presented by Officer Ryan Buzzini, Tall Cop Facilitator

This training covers one of the fastest growing drug trends in America – Opioid abuse. With the ever-changing atmosphere in today's culture, it is imperative to keep track of all prescription and non-prescription medicines that not only children, but adults are using, to get high.

This training will demonstrate the methods of attainment (including the Dark Web and how BitCoin comes into play), the signs and symptoms of influence, and many type of paraphernalia being used. Pictures of drug paraphernalia will also be displayed so attendees can understand all the ways abusers are ingesting, smoking, injecting, and even snorting drugs. For example, prescription pills and meth are now being mixed with glycerin and smoked in a vape pen. Not only are prescription drugs being abused, but new designer drugs are flooding American streets on a weekly basis. And because most adults who use drugs (legally or illegally also know how to drive vehicles, the topic of drugged driving will also be covered. Humor and entertaining stories are also incorporated to keep the attendee attentive.

This comprehensive training covers everything from Ativan to Zohydro. Drugged Driving will alsobe discussed.

Safety Posters: